Over the years, we have had the privilege to host
several wonderful guest speakers: missionaries,
teachers and evangelists.

Audio downloads of teaching are available,
as well as a variety of basic literature.





Mother´s of prayer intl´ - Newsletter May / Newsletter June
  What's next? (for new believers)
  Bible School Curriculum
  Yearly Bible Reading - plan

5th Czech conference Oct 21-23 2016 / New Life

  Bernhard Suppan - Testimony
  Bernhard Suppan - On the boat with Jesus
  George Craft - Through the Spirit of God I will succeed

3rd Czech conference Oct 31 - Nov 2 2014 / Open Door

  Nathaniel Hudson - Man and the tree
  Radovan Hajduk - In the name of Jesus
  Nathaniel Hudson - An Open Door

2nd Czech Conference Oct. 25-27 2013 / In His Presence

  Worship Concert
  Michael Patterson - Power of fear and love
  Galen Thompson - Born again, Spiritual Warfare
  Matthew Buckland - New covenant


  Matthew Buckland - Preparing lesson for children
  George Craft - Deliverence - Journey of faith
  Rev. Harold Kinney - Regular customers
  Jaromir Zumar - In my weakness is His strenght
  Jaromir Zumar - Equal reward
  Jaromir Zumar - Come to God with your heart not mind
  Jaromir Zumar - Power in His name
  Samuel Ross - God of Rachab
  Samuel Ross - Three greatest words in life - I´m persuaded
  Galen Thompson - Power of the small turning
  Galen Thompson - Signs, miracles, wonders

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