Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is one of the most important ministry of this fellowship.

Roger and Becky Buckland have been founders of this fellowship and
ministered here from 1995 till summer of last year 2012, when they
accepted to serve as Regional Director for Pacific in UPCI. Above all
it was specially their love for this nation and people which made
possible for Prague fellowship to be established.

Jaromir and Misa Zumar want to continue in this ministry to poeple.
They themselves understand and experienced, being a converts
of Bucklands, how important is to be led by poeple who are worthy
to follow. It´s their desire to see poeple changed and built upon
Biblical principals, God´s love, truth and love of this fellowship.



roger buckland
Roger and Becky Buckland

About Zumars

Jaromir and Michaela Zumar came to the Lord under the Buckland's ministry in Prague and are ACTS Bible School graduates.

Jaromir has been involved in ministry since 2002 and became the assistant of Roger Buckland in 2010 and under him gained lost of practical experiences with leadership. When Bucklands left in 2012 Zumars were voted as new leaders of this fellowship. Jaromir graduated from Technical University in Prague with a Civil Engineering degree. Right now he is finnishing his postgradual studies. His wife Michaela has a degree in Graphic Design from Zlin University and also studied Pastoral counselling at ETS in Prague.

Jaromir and Michaela were married in 2006.  They have a cat named Endy who found them wandering in the woods and followed them home. When not with family and friends, you can find the Zumars hiking or skiing in the mountains.

Devotion of the month

Our thoughts mold us. Big ideas produce big people, while shallow thinking results in shallow people with shallow character. "For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also (Matt. 6,21). The Bible is correct, our thoughts make us what we are! Right thinking is of inestimable value. Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit in our lives, and every person is his own gardener. If we think morally high, we will live morally high. Whether our lives are full and helpful, or cruel and hurtful, depends entirely upon our thoughts. Our though life determines both our character and our conduct. The mystic chamber of our thought life is where personality evolves, develops, and is disciplined.

Pastor Jaromir Zumar

Who were Roger and Becky Buckland

Roger and Becky Buckland have been leaders of MLS from its foundation in 1995 till 2012 when they receieved appoitment to serve as Regional Director for Pacific. When they arrived to Prague, they have already had long term experience in ministry. After five years of pastoring in the United States, they received a missionary call and appointment to the Philippine Islands in 1984. They spent 9 years overseeing approximately 380 churches on the island of Mindanao, laboring as the president of the Apostolic Institute of Ministries in Davao City, and serving on the Executive Board of the United Pentecostal Church (Philippines).

In August 1993 they felt God´s calling to come to serve people in Czech Republic and Slovakia. During their twenties years of ministry they really left big part of their heart here while they were building this fellowship step by step. We will forever be grateful for their lots of sacrifices.

They have two married sons who are also
actively involved in ministry, pastoring in the United States.


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